Library Rules

II.Working Hours 
III.Borrowing Privileges 
IV.Issue System 
V.Loss of Books 
VI.Other Facilities and Services 
VII.General Rules 

I. Membership

Admission to the membership of the library will be open to all members of the faculty, paramedical and technical staff of the Institute. The members having the membership can use the facilities of both libraries.

II. Working Hours

BMT Wing

Monday to Friday9.00 AM - 7.30 PM9.30 AM - 7.00 PM
Saturday9.00 AM - 5.00 PM9.30 AM - 4.30 PM

Hospital Wing

Monday to Friday8.00 AM - 8.00 PM8.30 AM - 7.30 PM
Saturday and Sunday8.00 AM - 4.00 PM8.30 AM - 3.30 PM

III. Borrowing Privileges

BMT Wing

MembersBooks/Bound JournalsLoose Issues
Academic Staff, Adhoc/Temp Scientist/Engineer64
Technical Staff32
Ph.D Students, PDFs42
Principal Investigator of Project33

Hospital Wing

MembersBooks/Bound JournalsLoose Issues
Faculty (including Adhoc/Temp), Postgraduates, Research Scholors42
Technical, Paramedical, Administrative Staff22
Principal Investigator of Project33

The Membership Card issued to the Principal Investigator of Project are for use by the non-Ph.D staff of the project. The Principal Investigator of Project is responsible for this Membership Card which has to be returned on completion of the project.

Books purchased by project funds will be issued to the Principal Investigator of Project for the complete tenure of the project. Following this the books will be accessioned by the library.

Rules for Borrowing:

1. Library members are responsible for the books borrowed upon their identity card.

2. The number of books / journals that can be borrowed is limited to the borrowing privilege of each member.

3. Before leaving the Institute, the member should return all the publications issued to him / her.

IV. Issue System


1. No publication will be issued other than against the Identity Card.

2. Before bringing the document to the issue counter, the member should satisfy himself / herself that the publication is in good condition, and if not, he / she must immediately bring the matter to the notice of the librarian. Otherwise he /she is liable to be held for the damage of the publication.

Loan Period:
Hospital WingBMT Wing
BooksTwo weeksOne month
Bound journalsTwo weeksOne week
Loose issuesOne weekOne week
Reference Books-----Overnight

Renewal of Loan:

1. Renewal of loan is possible if there is no reservation for the document by other members. Books and journals should be physically presented for the renewal

2. All publications should have to be returned to the library
(i) on the due date stamped in the book issued
(ii) on demand from the librarian in special circumstances.
(iii) prior to a member leaves on long leave or tour exceeding 2 weeks.

Overdue Charges:

1. Overdue charges will be calculated till the date the books are properly returned.

2. Books not returned on or before the due date stamped on the book will be charged a fine @ Re1.00 per day. Timely reminder will be sent from the library for books / journals which are overdue.

If the documents are not returned after the reminder and after the expiry of two weeks, the matter will be reported to the Head of the Department through Director / Head, BMT Wing and will lead to the member losing the membership for a period of 3 months. The book will be treated as lost by the member and action will be taken to recover the cost as given in the Section V: Loss of Books.

Reservation Facility:

1. Any publication on loan can be reserved by a member using the online reservation facility.

2. The reserved books will be issued on priority basis for two weeks, in case more than one reservation exist.

3. The member who has reserved the book will be informed of the arrival of the book and if he / she fails to collect it within 3 days, he /she will forfeit his / her claim on the book. But he / she may reserve the same book again.

Reciprocal Borrowing Between Libraries of Two Wings:

1. Library members may submit their requests for documents that are to be borrowed from the library of other Wing to the Librarian / Asst. Librarian.

2. Number of documents will be restricted to 3 per individual request.

3. Loan period will be 2 weeks.

4. One time renewal for 2 weeks is permissible provided there is no reservation for the document.

5. Documents borrowed will be returned through library and not directly.

6. The overdue charges will be collected at the Library where the documents are returned. The defaulters will be reported to the Library Committee.

7. Individual members may also borrow books directly from the Library of other wing using their Identity Card.

V. Loss of Books

Loss of books should be reported immediately to the library in writing. The borrower will have to replace the publication within 30 days of reporting and pay a penalty of 10% of the cost of the publication, and overdue charges if any, failing which an amount of double the current cost of the publication will be recovered from the indivdual. In case a single issue of a periodical is lost, the cost of the issue of the periodical may have to be paid if replacement of the lost issue is not possible.

VI. Other Facilities and Services


Photocopying facility is available in the library as per the rules given below

1. Only one copy per page is permitted.

2. Wholesale copying of the book / journal is not permitted.

3. Photocopying will be done subject to the availability of staff and time.(Applicable to BMT Wing only)

4. Official photocopying jobs will be done in the library only with the prior approval of the Head, BMT Wing.(Applicable to BMT Wing only)

Document Procurement Service:

The library will arrange to procure photocopy of articles from DELNET and NISCAIR.

Reference Facility to Non-Institutional Members:

The Institute Library is intended primarily for the use of Academic Staff, Students and other employees of the Institute. Reference facility and information services are extended to the Research Workers and Post Graduates of the neighbouring Institutes in a restricted manner on the recommendation of the Heads of Departments of that Institute.

Observers and Trainees from other organisations on deputation to the Institute will be extended Reference Facility and Information Services of the library on recommendation of the Head of the Department to which he / she is deputed.

Membership Fee for the External Members:
Annual Membership Rs.1500.00
Quarterly Membership Rs.500.00
One Day Membership Rs.50.00

VII. General Rules

Personal belongings are not allowed inside the library and should be kept at the place allotted for that purpose. Members should remove their overcoats, aprons, etc. before entering the library.

Borrowed books should not be brought inside the reading room. Books belonging to other libraries and personal copies should not be brought inside the library.

All members are requested to enter the name and time in the Gate Register before entering the library.

Members are requested to keep silence and avoid loud discussions in the library hall. All members are requested to maintain the decorum of the library.

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